Home Additions

Adding on to your home, especially if it's old or historic, can present greater challenges than a new-construction project. Our skilled and talented carpenters have encountered and artfully overcome many of the obstacles found in doing home-additions.

Tying new walls into old horsehair plaster walls that aren't plumb, adding onto "balloon construction" structures with modern materials and platform framing, and shooring up poorly framed roofs that had shifted more than a foot over time we've done it. You name a building challenge, and chances are we've seen it and overcome it with seamlessly beautiful results.


We can approach your project from any direction you'd like: 

→ Building an addition onto a historic home or barn using materials and techniques as close to the original structure as is allowed by code.

→ Using the latest construction materials and practices to create an energy-efficient, durable structure with aesthetics that tie in seamlessly with the original architecture.

→ Completely changing the appearance of your home to suit your taste.

Whatever your vision, Peter B. Rice & co can renovate your property to enhance its value, livability, and comfort.